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Want a non-surgical skin tightening treatment?

Thermage tightens with no downtime.

Are you looking for a way to get a little skin tightening, without the downtime of an ablative laser? Thermage is a radio frequency treatment that yields skin tightening over time.

This treatment is the only machine FDA cleared for treatment of the eyelids and can also be used on full face, neck, arms and abdomen. Though results aren’t as drastic as an in-depth laser, this treatment has NO downtime and gives improved results for up to 6 months, lasting for years.

Thermage can also improve pores, fine lines and skin texture. It stimulates collagen growth generating the immediate and long-term results.

Another benefit to Thermage is it is a great procedure to be done in conjunction with other treatments to develop even greater results.

One of the most popular treatment areas is the face and upper neck. In combination with micro-needling on the face or CoolSculpting or Kybellla on the next, these combination treatments can yield in tighter, younger looking skin.

Neck & Jawline Treated with Thermage

Thermage can also be done in combination with fillers on the chest to minimze wrinkling and improve volume loss.  Learn more about Thermage here. For optimal results, we recommend 1-3 treatments over a year, but each individual can be customized.

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