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The Gold Standard of Facial Resurfacing

CO2 Facial Resurfacing yields positive results

The fractionated CO2 laser is STILL the gold standard that no other lasers can compare to.  With adjustable treatment options, this is great for wrinkles, uneven skin tone and scars.  It provides a more youthful appearance for everyone.

With lasers, “more is more and less is less”! The CO2 laser gives the most benefit with one treatment. The high powers stimulate more of the skin to tighten and regenerate, resulting in more collagen formation, but does carry some downtime.

This laser can be adjusted to give each patient individual results and the best recovery time.  Higher power and lower density will ensure good results with less downtime.  This direction will likely require more than one treatment but still gives better results than if you were to do a non-ablative laser.

Max FX

Laser resurfacing changes old cells to younger cells. This is great for your looks and your health.  Acne scars can be helped with this treatment and you will continue to get improvement for up to 18 months.  CO2 is the best treatment for stretch marks as well.  Micro-needling would be the next most effective but will take multiple treatments for ideal results.

Fractional CO2 plus fillers are great for 40-45 and above.  Low energy CO2 with shorter down times is ideal for younger patients.  You can look better at any age.  Get even more details on our website.

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