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Melanoma incidence is still on the rise

Melanoma is the most serious form of skin cancer.

This diagnosis, if not caught early, can be deadly. The incidence and mortality rate are ever increasing. The current lifetime risk of being diagnosed with invasive or in situ melanoma is now at least 1 in 28.

In 2016, there were over 10,000 deaths from melanoma alone.  This statistic is likely even higher as all states are not yet required to report a melanoma diagnosis.

Do you know if you are at a higher risk for melanoma?

Light complexion,  a history of sunburns, red hair, a family history of melanoma and a weakened immune system are a few of the factors that can increase your risk for melanoma.

Protecting yourself DAILY can help minimize your risk to these damaging ultraviolet rays. Wear hats, sunglasses, protective clothing and sunscreen every day. Your sunscreen should contain at least 7% zinc oxide, needs to be reapplied every 2 hours and when swimming and perspiring.

Eliminating indoor tanning can reduce your incidence, mortality and treatment costs for melanoma.  Prohibiting tanning beds among minors can prevent 63,839 melanoma cases among youth.

Who can get melanoma?

ANYONE.  Any skin type, light or dark can get skin cancer, including melanoma.  Darker skinned patients tend to have a higher risk due to a belief they are not as likely to get skin cancer.  When a skin cancer is finally found in these patients, it is often more progressed since they are often not checked annually.

Regardless of skin type, you need regular, complete skin exams for the best chance of early diagnosis and survival of any skin cancer.

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