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Do you see a change in your nails?

Fungal nail infections are very common.

These nail infections can be more prevalent with the summer and are also contagious. Be aware of the symptoms to start treatment early.

What should I look for?

Once a month, we recommend you evaluate your finger nails, toe nails and the surrounding skin for signs of changes and infection.  Some of the most common visible signs are soreness and swelling around the nail, changes in color or texture of the nail, or dry itchy skin around the nails.

Prevention is the best treatment.

Fungal infections can be treated, however what are some of the ways to prevent getting this condition in the first place?

Try to keep areas from becoming moist.  Change your socks if they get sweaty, wear moisture-wicking socks and change your socks every day.

Wear appropriate footwear. Wear shoes that aren’t too tight, alternate shoes when possible giving them 24 hours to air our before wearing again and wear flip flops when near warm, wet places like spas, pools and gyms.

Notice any changes?

Make an appointment with a dermatologist to get your treatment started right away. Some shoes are best discarded if you are finishing up a treatment.  If this isn’t an option you can get a ultraviolet (UV) shoe sanitizer to treat your shoes.

In the future, don’t share personal items such as towels, skates and nail clippers. You can also put antifungal powder in your shoes.  It is important to note that this powder helps to prevent fungus from growing initially, but it does not treat fungus once it has developed.

Keep your feet, clean, dry and nails short, but when in doubt, schedule with a dermatologist for any needed evaluation and treatment.

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